Body, Passion, and Soul


Walnut Kitchen


Art Direction, Branding, Content Creation, UI/UX Development, Typography, Print

Michelle Kosoy is a well versed and experienced nutrition specialist who needed to take her brand to the next level. Michelle had a blog with several posts on nutrition, lifestyle, and DIY but lacked the focus and direction of branding and art direction. Michael Berry Creative worked closely with Michelle fine-tuning her vision, crafting something that feels inviting and steeped in knowledge.

The Walnut Kitchen brand was realized through good communication and a focus on the essence of a health brand. A ton of research went into what Michelle would offer her customers. With this research, a brand foundation was built and it was determined that a mantra of body, passion and soul best served, Michelle and what she wanted to accomplish. This way of thinking greatly informed Michael Berry Creative and the design moving forward.

Michael Berry Creative designed the brand with the mantra ‘body, passion, and soul’ in mind. An earthy colour palette was developed alongside a font combination of regal and naturalistic typefaces. Large close-up photography of plants, outdoor environments, and naturalistic materials spoke to the other brand elements and communication.

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