The Power of Influence


Art Direction, Environmental Design, Content Creation, Typography

Founded in 1993, Influence Marketing is one of Canada's leaders in retail and experiential marketing. The agency needed the creative in its office updated. Designed to showcase the amazing work that's been completed since its founding, the design needed to be bold, lively, design-forward and freshly tell the company story.

The direction that Michael took was to play off wheat postings found scattered across city construction sites. Three walls within the office were dedicated to the project and those three walls were then separated into 81 tiles. One wall, a communal space is a barrage of messaging and imagery. Done in the spirit of brutalism it offers new 'goodies' each time it's viewed. The other walls are black and white with a splash of colour (the agency's 'influence'). Michael Berry designed this as a nod to the achievements of the past while remaining subtle enough for a lasting impact.

Michael used different design styles to convey the personality and playfulness of Influence Marketing. Keeping in tune with a theme of powerful typography and imagery, Michael Berry combined typographic statements with brutalistic design principles bringing a truly unique creative experience to the office environment.

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