Elegance is for Dessert


Michael Berry Creative


Art Direction, Branding, 3D, Content Creation, Web Development, Typography, Photography

An incredibly talented baker and entrepreneur, Grace Aragona baked her first batch of Honeybutter Desserts in 2014. Honeybutter Desserts came to Michael Berry Creative with a beautiful line of products but no real branding to showcase them. The dessert company needed a brand and web/social presence to grow the business. Michael Berry Creative has continued to work with Honeybutter since these early days to design and maintain a brand that is flourishing today.

The vision for the Honeybutter brand evolved from a central belief in elegance. The desserts and baking products crafted by Honeybutter Desserts are editable works of art and the visuals had to convey that standard. Michael Berry Creative looked for inspiration from the more extravagant things in life; gold and marble textures, understated colours, beautiful photography, and minimal clean design all became hallmarks of the brand.

Michael Berry Creative crafted an elegant brand aesthetic that brings together high visual products, minimal design, and artistic vision. Honeybutter Desserts continues to look to Michael Berry Creative for their design needs, this includes brand development, website development, e-commerce, and art direction.

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