Michael Berry Creative


Art Direction, Branding, Content Creation, Web Development, Typography

FiLTRA is a water filtration company offering its customers many different products for their homes, offices, cottages and restaurants. Michael Berry Creative designed a brand and website that represented the client's vision. Working closing with CEO Jonathan, Michael Berry Creative developed a brand that is refreshing and calm. This approach was in direct contrast to the rigid brands that currently represented the filtration industry.

The brand ethos and design was to convey a sense of freshness and cleanliness. Soft blues, greys, and whites became the colour palette and those colours were paired with an eye-pleasing font combination.

The web design (UI/UX) had to be simple to navigate, as FiLTRA has many different products available to consumers. This simplicity informed a minimal design approach. A strong grid and design system brought the brand's sense of freshness and cleanliness to the forefront.

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